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Each year, hundreds of expats make the decision to retire in the South of Spain, and we don’t blame them. 320 days of sun on average, crystal sea and tapas promises an excellent quality of life with affordable living costs.

This is the time when you finally get the chance to see the world and enjoy yourself, while ensuring your health stays in good shape by eating well and leading a relaxed lifestyle. So if you’re tempted by promises of white sandy beaches and copious amounts of tapas, but are yet to take the plunge, here’s some reasons why retiring in south of Spain may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

The climate.

Spain gets more sunshine per year on average than any other European country. It’s known for its mild winter weather (temperatures never drop to freezing, while summers rarely dip below the mid-80s F).


Southern Spain has an amazing food scene. It has changed a lot just in the last 10 years.  Combining serving traditional dishes with a twist, such as carriadas (stewed pig cheeks) with an added, fancy dollop of cream sauce and a sprig of parsley. They’re creating Spanish fusion dishes, such as bull-meat burrito or grilled tuna steak with chocolate (mole) sauce. And foreign dishes such as pad Thai, spring rolls, and guacamole are appearing on menus. You will no doubt start to feel the health benefits of the Spanish cuisine first hand.

Concocted from copious amounts of fish, olive oil and vegetables, these are all vital components of the traditional mediterranean diet which is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, and is reputed to be the reason why so many Mediterraneans live such long and able lives.

High quality healthcare.

Spain’s healthcare system have been ranked among the world’s best by the World Health Organization, and foreign residents are entitled to the same access as Spanish citizens to national services. The hospitals are well equipped and the majority of medical students choose to go into the national service rather than the private sector, which means that standards of treatment are very high as there is so much competition for positions.


Beer and tapas aren’t the only things that are affordable in southern Spain. Housing is a good deal. And the overall cost of living is comparable to or less than their costs in other parts of Europe.

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People also love Southern Spain relaxed peace of life. An average day includes time for writing, photography, morning yoga or Pilates classes, siestas, shopping, meeting friends for coffee, tapas in the plaza near their house, and exploring Seville’s charming neighborhoods with notepad and camera in hand. Moving abroad is the best way to reinvent yourself and southern Spain is the best option.

Andalusian commitment to food and agriculture sustainability.

The Spanish food and agriculture industry meet the broadening commitment requirements to an expanded concept of sustainability.


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