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Traveling with zero waste

Zero Waste

Traveling with zero waste

There is a whole worldwide community of people trying to reduce their impact on the environment by cutting down their consumption and reliability on single-use plastics. Travel is full of disposable products. Everything from single-serving sizes to inflight meals to takeaway dinners. It can sometimes be a challenge to be green, especially while traveling. But with just simple tips and tools, you can aim for zero waste, even during travel. Zero waste can be as easy as simply being mindful of what you use. And then it quickly becomes second nature. Here are some super easy tips to get started going green!


  • Aim for powder or solid beauty products with zero-waste packagings, like toothpaste tabs, solid soap bars, deodorant bars, or shampoo bars.
  • Make your own toiletries. It’s easier, cheaper, more fun, and you can create what you like. If you really want to carry liquids, easily transport them in reusable jars.
  • Think multi-purpose. Baking soda can be used as a cleanser, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, and more.
  • Stay away from plastic by using bamboo. Use a sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic bamboo toothbrush.
  • Avoid buying disposable products like cotton pads, q-tips, and disposable razors.


  • Travel light. It’s easier and less of a burden on your mind and body. The less space you have, the less you’ll be tempted to fill it.
  • Travel carry-on only. Checking a bag will cause paper waste since they’ll put a sticker tag on it, which can’t be recycled.
  • Go paperless. Don’t print documents or tickets unless absolutely necessary, which is hardly ever is.
  • Skip all paper receipts! When asked if you want a receipt, say no.
  • Don’t purchase or carry paper books, magazines or DVDs. Download digital entertainment instead such as movies or books.
  • Try to avoid flying whenever possible. Take ground transportation. Trains are awesome. So are ferries.


  • Eat at sit down restaurants and eat off of actual plates and silverware. You’ll cause zero packagings to be used, plus it’s fun and a great way to sample the local culture.
  • Try local street foods. Most are easily handheld and packaging-free. Say no to extra wrapping papers, napkins, or containers.
  • Carry a lightweight spork, or a bamboo utensil set so that you never have to use plastic disposables.
  • Carry a reusable napkin or small absorbent towel or cloth that can be used instead of napkins or to wrap up snacks or food items.
  • Use a plastic-free reusable water bottle. You can fill it at drinking fountains at transport stations. Never buy bottled water. Don’t buy the hype.
  • Always use a reusable bag for shopping.


  • Walk as much as possible. Zero emissions. Plus it’s good for you and you’ll get a more immersive, authentic travel experience.
  • Stay in homes instead of hotels. In homes you can recycle, compost, make your own products, cook your own meals, and also often give much-needed love and attention to pets as well.
  • If you do stay in a hotel, use the no housekeeping sign up so all your linens don’t get laundered every day and wastewater.
  • Don’t buy souvenirs. Use your camera to save your memories. It’s more unique, totally free and takes up no space.

Spend your money on experiences, not things. Experiences make you happy! We are our experiences!


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