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Modern Renewable Energy Systems.

The Spanish government has recently approved a royal decree that clears the solar tax and brings with it a number of measures to produce energy through sustainable means.

These include, for example, installing new charging stations for electric cars, cheaper electricity prices, and social discounts on prices – for single parents among others – consumer protection, easier registration for new solar panels less than 100kW and intended for own use, and removal of charges for privately produced energy.

This is an incentive to expand zero-emission technologies and also takes into account the shift of labor, as Spain is also creating new jobs in the field of renewable energies.

Renewable energy systems have in the past been associated with being weak, expensive, and unreliable.

For many people, the concept goes with eco-warriors living off-grid in situations where they can’t have all mod cons, but now things have started to change.

Modern Villas in Spain.

Modern villas in Spain are being installed with renewable energy systems that will be running all mod cons.

These villas are on-grid but that’s mainly because people want to protect the value of their property asset and they believe that, currently, a house that is off-grid would be valued at a discount because of potential skepticism about off-grid systems. In reality, they will use almost no power from the grid.

It’s also true that being on-grid guarantees power whatever the circumstances and that is another reason for being on the grid.

Everyone can have a hot shower and they can roast the turkey in an electric oven should they wish too. But for ordinary usage, they will not be using electricity from the grid.

The system is pretty straight forward: photovoltaic panels harvest the energy from the sun which, as we all know, is plentiful in Spain.

The electricity is stored in a lithium-ion battery such as the Tesla Powerwall Battery (available in Spain from 2019). It’s clean, odorless, compact, and designed for daily cycle usage. A single air source heat pump provides hot and cold water for underfloor heating and cooling as well as hot water for kitchen and bathroom. There is no need for solar hot water because the PV panels will produce all the power for hot water they need even in the winter. In the summer your principal, and critical, the problem is a cooling problem.

Well, in this system, the more the sun shines the cooler your house can be.

Condensation is a hazard with underfloor cooling and this is avoided by measuring the internal humidity and disengaging the underfloor cooling when the humidity approaches the dew point. Then conventional air condition units are engaged and this also has the effect of drying the air so the system switches back to underfloor cooling.

Other household electrical requirements are satisfied directly from the battery. This particular system will recycle the heat produced by the heat pump when it is cooling which makes it very energy efficient.

Design is important in everything: solar orientation, insulation, airtightness, etc. and it is necessary to point out that energy efficiency is principally about design not about gadgets.

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