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Just along the coast from nearby Marbella and Puerto Banus, San Pedro de Alcántara is becoming a serious rival to the multi-cultural mix of quality restaurants in Marbella, and you can certainly eat well in the town. Best of all, there are loads of new places opening and the type of clientele is quickly going upmarket.

No wonder, then, that it has an abundance of restaurants ready to serve the hungry holiday-makers that come off the beach for a delicious meal.  Restaurants in San Pedro are of a good standard. There is a wide variety of cuisines, with everything from traditional Spanish food, to international and Chinese food. Location wise, there are quite a few to be found on the beachfront, with large terraces offering tables with views out to the sea.

There are also many in town, often with more of a ´Spanish´ feel. “It is great to see how much San Pedro has changed over the last few years. It has a completely different atmosphere and all the scruffy builders and fraudsters have moved on, meaning we can concentrate on quality” explains Ross Duggan, manager at the restaurant the Hogan Stand. The leading purveyors of this drive for haute cuisine must certainly be Albert & Simon, which has been serving up fine French food for three decades.

Counting on a splendid wine list, with hundreds of references from around the world, brothers Albert and Simon are more deserving of a Michelin star that most. A good friend of Spain’s top chefs, chef Albert is constantly upping his game, using local ingredients and genuine Gallic panache. Just across the road he now has a rival in the very elegant L’Impronta, an upmarket Italian joint, run by capable Francisco Vacas, who actually heralds from Cordoba. A passionate chap, who left school and began cooking at the age of 13, he has created a seductive spot, with parquet wood floors, hydraulic tiles, and evocative paintings. Insisting on sourcing only the best line-caught wild fish, including sea bass and turbot, he also offers a great range of tasty and seasonal dishes. Best of all, his €25 set lunch, had a decent mix of dishes including chopped veal liver in onions, gravy, and mashed potato, and topped off with a lovely vanilla pannacotta.

Another exciting spot, is the recently opened Vaca Loca, by the stylish new bridge. This terrace restaurant is the brainchild of local expat businessman Andrew Levene, who saw an opportunity with this excellent location. Hiring one of the coast’s well-established chefs Darren Stevens, the menu has a great mix of steaks, burgers, and ribs, all cooked on the grill. Just around the corner, you will also find Nomo, set up by popular local restaurateur Oscar, who also owns Flankers Bar. This stylish spot is exciting in the extreme, counting on two Catalan chefs and aiming to use only the best of Spain’s produce and a lot of local vegetables from around Andalucía. You can also try a superb cured beef with parmesan and an original take on the Peruvian ceviche.

In San Pedro de Alcántara, even if you prefer fast food, all burgers are made of excellent quality ingredients; succulent lamb, juicy steak, caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella, pickled ginger, and avocado. To eat well, San Pedro is the best choice.



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