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The Costa del Sol in the south of the Spanish remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world since it combines a magnificent climate throughout the year with a great selection of beaches and excellent infrastructure along a 160 km coast. Nowhere else on earth can you find beaches, history, culture, sports, fantastic cities, the great outdoors and even skiing, all in one compact destination.

We all associate the Costa del Sol with the sparkling Mediterranean Sea lapping against fantastic sandy beaches, and it’s certainly a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy the world-renowned nightlife. However, what many people don’t know is that the Costa del Sol as a region also offers Europe’s Southern-most ski resort, with great skiing from December to the beginning of May. This winter wonderland is just a stone’s throw from the Costa del Sol and on a good day, you can even see the sea from the slopes. In fact, it’s so close that you could combine skiing with a day on the beach to recover before you head home.

It’s even possible to be on the slopes in the morning and then within two hours drive be enjoying a long afternoon of warm sunshine on the coast. The Costa del Sol stretches along some 160 kilometers in the province of Malaga, from Nerja in the east to Manilva in the west. Due to its excellent climate throughout the year, this region is year after year one of the most popular holiday destinations. This area of Spain has also been slammed for its concrete tower blocks and non-existent town planning. However, for every Torremolinos, there are several stunning white villages nestled into the hillsides, not to mention vibrant, Spanish towns and cities with great architecture.

Ecotourism is an important movement in Costa del Sol with both companies and non-governmental organizations working to promote the concept both within this region and abroad, seeking to use tourism as a means of achieving greater peace, understanding, and equality in the world. In fact, while the word “ecotourism” makes us think of the environment the promotion of important social values is also an integral part of the movement and the industry that is springing up around it. Educating tourists and travelers to respect our local culture, to support fair trading practices and simply consider the impact they might have on the people they interface which is an important part of the work that specialists in ecotourism do. In Costa del Sol you will find an interesting mix of conventional and alternative tourism. As ecotourism becomes more popular, opportunities are growing with an increasing number of rural hotels, campgrounds, adventure tourism companies, and others standing up for green values and promoting more environmentally friendly options. In this region you can find amazing opportunities to commune with nature in a respectful manner, enjoy the culture and mingle with locals or simply relax peacefully in hotels or other accommodation that seek to reduce your impact on our local environment and give you the chance to integrate with locals and experience the best of this region’s gastronomy and traditions.

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