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In order to know exactly what you are purchasing, you need to know what the product is all about. In this case, we referred to it as a potential new apartment, house or property. In terms of size and dimensions for buying the goods, there could be even four types of measurements to consider that determine the price.

However, when buying an apartment or house in Andalusia the Real Decree 515/1989 establishes that the sole valid measure to be used in advertisements by the vendors is the housing usable area. On the other hand, when someone registers a property, the valid measurement used in the paperwork is called the built-up area.

Nevertheless, even though there are well-established differences between them, there is another element to consider in order to make them crystal clear; that is the ECO REGULATION.

What’s the eco order?

The eco order is a regulation set by the Ministry of Economy in Spain that clearly establishes the norms to follow when calculating the price of a property. One of the characteristics that surround this regulation is that the certified entities and individuals that can calculate the price of the property are legal technicians and appraisal companies that are duly registered and approved by The Bank of Spain.

Usable Area

According to the ECO regulation, the usable area of a property is the area delimited by the interior enclosing surfaces of a building or elements of a building. This also includes half of the ground surface of the outdoor covered spaces of exclusive use such as; terraces, balconies, clothe lines spaces, porches, loading docks, and cantilevers.

On the other hand, it will not be considered a usable area the surface occupied on the ground floor by fixed interior enclosures, by vertical structural elements and by channels or ducts with cross-section more than 100cm² and the floor area with an unobstructed height of fewer than 1.5 meters. Also, a space occupied by uncovered outdoor spaces will not be considered as usable area.

Built-Up Area

In contrast to the usable area, the built-up area is the usable area without excluding the occupied surface by the interior previously mentioned but including the outdoor enclosing surfaces to the 100% and 50 % depending on the case; facade walls, dividing walls or shared walls of the same building or property.

In addition to it, it can also be considered a built-up area those spaces that are not common parts plus the proportionate share corresponding to its part of the surface of the elements of the building.

These are the definitions according to the ECO regulation that defines the parameters used to calculate the value of every building, house, apartment or property to be sold or leased. In short, a built-up area is broader because it includes those areas excluded such as walls, roofs and uncovered outdoor spaces among several other elements that are mentioned in the first definition.



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