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Residencial Sustainability


Let’s start defining the concept of landscape refurbishment: floors optimization whose goal is turning the degraded landscape into an acceptable environment where the biodiversity is present.

The landscape refurbishment applies technical and ecological notions to try to obtain benefits beyond the local area. We list below three locations which apply this concept:

. Med Club (Girona)

This place used to be a private holidays centre and was built in an attempt of connecting with nature trough architecture. However, in 1998 it was declared a Natural Park, getting this way the highest level of protection due its geological and botanical values.

This project started after a deep researching undertaken by more than 50 specialists in environmental restoration. The new components were built using corten steel due to its high resistance and its capability to be integrated in nature.

. The Alcazaba (Malaga)

This Moslem fortification from the 11th century placed in the Gibralfaro hill, is considered a place of cultural interest and historical heritage along with the Roman theatre. Both places allow you to enjoy wonderful city views.

Due to its poor state, experts proposed a landscape refurbishment based on different kind of works: paths, viewpoints where you can observe the city and its monuments and stairs which connect the several routes.

The materials applied in the project consisted of topsoil and plantation of native species to constitute the hill and steel sheets to cover the paths.

. Cabra River (Huelva)

This environmental refurbishment project is being undertaken currently due to the several problems that the river is suffering. The existence of a very rich flora and fauna encouraged the development of the tasks needed to protect and keep this valuable river.

To improve its state, its riverside will be expanded to enhance its continuity. Besides, cleaning works will be done to stop the existing pollution and to preserve the rest of the river stretch.

Paths and leisure areas will be built in order to improve its urban integration, public use and the environmental education of the population.


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